Wednesday, June 20, 2012

When All Else Fails...

The other day our electricity went out at midnight because the hubby forgot to turn off the AC when he was using the microwave.  Of course, when he went to ring the super's bell, the super didn't answer, so we were had to worry about a) sleeping in this heat and b) the $150 worth of food that we just bought sitting in the fridge.  When things like this happen, the hubby gets really frustrated instantly, but I like to keep cool because getting angry about something that is out of your control only makes it worse.

Our solution: we went down to the gas station convenience store (thank goodness we live in a place that has stores open 24/7) and got several bags of ice to put in our fridge and freezer. and then we cracked all the windows so that we can sleep semi comfortably.  The first thing in the morning, we rang the super's bell again and we got our electricity back.  I am happy to say that none of our food spoiled and we even have tons of ice in the freezer that we can still use. We also had to do this very same thing when we lived in Connecticut and the whole town's electricity went out and didn't come back on until the very next day in the afternoon.

The point of this post: When electricity is down and all else fails, 24 hour gas stations and bags of ice are your friends...

Photo: White Oak Ice

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