Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Call me a little behind on this one, but I was at my parents' house looking through one of their catalogs and I saw an ottoman that folds out into a bed. I am not shocked that this has been invented, but I think it's an awesome idea for anybody who lives in a small apartment in NYC and frequently has out of town guests :)

Photo: Treehugger

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cutest Coffee Tables

One of the most useful pieces of furniture in our apartment (and I believe everybody's household) is a coffee table. I know this because sometimes ours gets overwhelmed with so much stuff and I have to clean it off at least once a week. It's also, most of the time, the center of the living room so it's important to have it looking tidy.  A lot of times when I think this place is so overwhelmingly messy, I start my cleaning on the coffee table and, once that's finished, it feels like I have already done 50 percent of the cleaning in here.  Oh, coffee tables, where would we be without you?

I am totally loving the way these coffee tables are decorated.

Our Quaint Getaway

So, for the hubby and I's first anniversary I made reservations out on the North Fork of Long Island for the summer because I have always been meaning to go there with my husband since we were dating and we totally had a blast.

We stayed at an inn right next door to a lavender field, so the whole entire time we were there we had the smell of lavender wafting up our nostrils and it was delightful.  I even tried lavender ice cream and it was the most awesome thing ever (although I think it might be more of a chick flavor because my husband hated it). We also hung out on the beach and drove around.  It was just a fun little getaway for the weekend and was only a couple of hours away. I now want to get a bunch of lavender candles so that the whole apartment can smell super nice all the time.