Monday, June 11, 2012

From Shanty Chic to NYC Chic

The kitchen is finally done and I couldn't be more ecstatic because now I can concentrate on making the rest of this place into a place we can call home.  We put a new floor down and it wasn't much trouble and it wasn't costly at all. We went to home depot and they luckily had one out on the floor that was the exact length and width of our kitchen. This only costs us about $40.00 and we put it down with glue tape which was also very cheap.  I am so happy I can actually walk around barefoot in my own place...yay!

In NYC, to make the most of your space, you stack up, and that's what we did with the coffee grinder and coffee machine.

We got this little guy from a little gift shop in Maine; we call him pick. We like odd things and piggies.

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