Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Favorite Restaurant

I've never had an absolute favorite restaurant until now.  Sure I've had places that I've liked that I would frequent, but I wouldn't call them my favorite.  The best part about my favorite restaurant is that it's right here in town.  If I have family or friends visit or meet up with me in my neighborhood, I take them to Veslo.  It's a Croatian restaurant that the hubby took me to for my birthday last year and ever since then, we have gone back several times.

Veslo means oar in Croatian and a long time ago it was significant because that's how people got around (via boat).  It's a cozy place in the heart of Astoria, decorated with oars (no surprise there) and it has a quaint little back yard dining area.  When you step into the place it feels like you are no longer anywhere near the city. Anybody who is looking to try something different should definitely check this gem out.

Photo: boromag

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