Monday, May 21, 2012


Last night I came home from a long hard night at work and pass out on the couch. I was awakened to see the hubby charging into the kitchen (quite a funny sight to see).  I ask him what's up, he informs me that we have a mouse.  At this point, our cats are at my parents house until we get the apartment cat ready and I am already missing them a great deal, but now I miss them even more. Note to future NYC apartment renters, especially if you plan on renting in an old building, a cat is a great and useful pet to have.

As a person who has owned cats all my life, I can tell you that tabby cats are the greatest of hunters.  I have had a tabby in the past and she was the absolute best cat I have ever owned.  She would hunt all sorts of critters in the back yard and even stole a chicken off the neighbor's bbq once. My sister has a tabby in her house in New Paltz and she raves about all the mice she catches.  We, however, have two black cats and I have never had a mouse problem before, so I will write an update on how great (or not great) of hunters my cats are (hopefully they hunt like panthers). 

For now, I have to get ready for work and do a bit more unpacking as I deal with hearing this noisy little pest in the kitchen.  I miss my cats deeply!

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