Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Just Unpacking

We just moved to Astoria, Queens to be close to our jobs.  View is great (especially at night) we can see all sorts of buildings lit up.  It's a small 1 bedroom, the apartment is railroad style and we are trying to make the best out of what we have (space is a huge issue).  I figured blogging is a great way to get my ideas down and find inspiration (perhaps from other bloggers) on how to make a NYC apartment into a home and share some good and some horror stories along they way (as of today, I already have one). For now, here is the sort of thing I have in mind...

Cute living space. The windows sort of remind me of the windows we have.  I love the antique looking furniture. We already have two cats. I have always wanted a hot dog dog. Will a small yapping dog be in the future for us? It is a possibility, but for now we will stay cat people.

Shelves! Yup, that is in the plans for us, and lots of them! I also love the brick and now I totally wish we had a brick wall up in this joint.

This shelf unit is absolutely amazing. I want it so badly.

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